Monday, April 8, 2013

I've got something to say about religion. How about you? What are your thoughts?
Is religion a bad thing?

On its own (and without the purposeful manipulation of spiritual thugs) religion is not a bad thing. Sometimes it can even be a good thing, imagine that. Many people, for whatever the reason or reasons, seem to have a much better time of making it through the trials of life if they constantly have in the back of their mind that the Ultimate Being in THE entire universe is peeking over their shoulder and watching everything that they do.

Of course, in modern terms the main reason people participate in Bible-based faiths is to avoid hell. Still, even believing in the spiritual hodgepodge of the Bible is not a bad thing per se.

The part where things start to go south faster than you can say "Salvation!" is when people begin to judge their fellow men in a most negative manner and based on what the differences of spiritual beliefs are, or if an individual chooses to refrain from participating in religion.

Perhaps one of the worst things that some 'believers' subject their victims to is the pervasive I-Don't-Care attitude. I don't care that you do not want to hear verses about Jesus. I don't care if you are a woman who happens to be married to another woman, or a man married to another man. I don't care what your version of religion is. I don't care if you do not believe in God. I do not care because my faith tells me I am right and you are wrong. The Bible says I am right and you are wrong.

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The Bible, or perhaps a better way to put it is the interpretations of the Bible, is/are far less about salvation than about domination and control. 

This is a very terrible thing since with all of the bickering over which God is the better God the message of love that is supposed to be at the root of faith to begin with is lost in the shuffle.

Global warming is a serious issue, sure, but religion is a far more serious issue. Perhaps if so many people didn't bicker so much about whose imaginary pal is the better pal things would be better. Imagine how much more could be achieved by humanity as a whole if the differences between various faiths or even no faiths were never even considered or given the time of day.

One thing is certain: If people do not stop putting so much stock in religious differences it is not going to matter in the least whether or not there are issues with global warming, because sooner or later people will completely annihilate one another in the name of some God or other.

You would think that man is in general smart enough to recognize that any God of any faith that encourages any of his followers to kill others or themselves or both is not a God worthy of any type of devotion AT ALL.

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Another great disservice that modern Bible-based religion offers mankind is the idea that the fate of mankind is completely and entirely hopeless. Nothing man can do on his own is right and he will constantly screw things up out of the natural blackness of his own heart. The ONLY answer is Jesus.

Some religious groups go so far as to instruct their followers/participators that efforts on the part of humans to improve the world around them, to include socially, will fail and were in fact designed to fail. Why? Because God wants to show man how very much man needs Jesus, and so, the existence of man in his entirety is one big design by God in an effort to express the goodness and divinity of God.

Many individuals who are ardent proponents of Bible-based faiths and the included fairy tales (which are invariably held to be the utter truth) fail to recognize that the stories of the Bible are most certainly NOT original in nature.

Try explaining to some die hard fundamentalists or evangelicals that the Epic of Gilgamesh predates the story of Noah and his floating asylum by at least a thousand years. You won't get very far. When I was a kid and asked about the very same thing I was told that the Epic of Gilgamesh was a lie invented by the devil in an effort to turn people away from the truth of the Bible and God.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

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