Monday, June 3, 2013

Stupid Preacher Comments

The Blind Leading The Blind Has NOTHING On Stupid Preachers

But, you're not surprised or anything...are you?

     This is a mix of mostly jacked up information with just a pinch of completely jacked up information. Parents DO have a choice as to the immunizations and I know this because when my children were born I only allowed two shots: Diphtheria and Tetanus. Some of the shots are even being developed better and better with less side effects, but that is a different story. The guys here in this video make it sound like the moment your children are born they are whisked away and pumped full of all sorts of things.

     Imagine the amazing things people could do if they butted out of the religious choices of others. This is the typical behavior of pushy religious folk, right? They purposely put themselves in situations where they WILL face ridicule because they will not stop when people ask them to. Then when you ask them to stop and leave they try to interpret the demand to leave as some kind of impingement of their rights and the freedom of religion. I will gladly fight for the right for people to worship whatever or whoever they want to worship. However, their right to religion is not synonymous with the idea that people who do not wish to believe have to listen to such shit.

     Christians just don't get it that the United States was not founded on Christianity for Christians. Just like they usually do they claim it is a plot of the devil or Satan to take people's hearts away from God, and to change the truth of history. Whatever.

     I don't even know what to say here. What the hell is this man prattling on about? Pissing standing up? Are you serious? This was actually a sermon delivered in a church? God doesn't work in mysterious ways. God works in ridiculous ways...and this video is ample proof.

     Holy shit!! This is deliciously funny! What an asshole. He sets the freaking lawn on fire. I wonder if the company that owned the property got him for trespass and destruction of property?

     This guy says that atheists are full of pride. Hah! And Christianity ISN'T full of pride? Please. Who doesn't know that a large portion of Christians truly think they are right and everyone else is wrong? And what the hell does this guy intend to achieve by attacking lesbians? He says lesbians are lesbians because they are too ugly to get a man. Really? I am lesbian and I am not ugly. If I wanted a man I would get a man, but like I said I don't want a man. How is that worthy of anyone's wrath much less the imaginary wrath of an imaginary God?
     And why did this guy say that women should not vote and should be at home cooking and cleaning? Not only that, but what about his behavior and what he is saying? Is he making God proud? This street preacher is a total douchebag and is a very good example of why some people want absolutely nothing to do with the God or the Bible. Don't you just love the insults this mother fucker continuously hurls at the people who disagree with him? This is Christianity. NICE.

     Another example of a Christian asshole who thinks he has a right to treat those who think or believe differently than him in an obtuse manner. He purposely heckles people with his poisonous gospel, purposely. He wants to be pushed around and attacked because then he can try to use that as some kind of platform for Christianity and how Christians are persecuted and their rights are being taken away. Load of shit.

     That's right...believe in Jesus and everything will magically go right for you. P.S. Everything you do in your life that is a good thing to do does not mean squat to God.

     How dare someone who is supposed to be a representative of God infer that God will not allow a blessing unless money is given. Loser. The faster people understand the line of shit you are feeding them is in fact a line of shit, the better.

     There are very good reasons for NOT having people of faith create legislation based on their delusional Bible. The very fact that many of the religious in this nation harass gays and lesbians for and lesbian, is a great example of why separation of church and state SHOULD be absolute. Why in the HELL would I want the rules that govern me to be based on the Bible? Women are subjugated, children are mistreated, and there are insanely stupid stories in the Bible that millions upon millions take as actual and literal truth. And Mr. Santorum needs to go back and redo his United States history because he is 100% wrong in his assumption this nation was based on Christianity.

     Ahh, religion. Listen to what this guy thinks should and should not apply to women.

    Oh dear me Jesus! Do people who behave like this really think they are doing their God or their faith any favor? So this lady is preaching how Jesus loves everyone, but then says she will kill people. Nice. Again, another strong example of why there MUST be separation of church and state. This woman makes less and less sense as the video goes on. She has power? Power in her hands? Power that she has worked a long time to achieve? What?

     The typical pushy street preacher who believes that his faith and his Bible give him the absolute power to pop-off at the mouth and speak a load of stupid shit. Remember, this guy is right and you are wrong. Not only that, but this guy's Bible and his God give him express permission to tell people how to live and what to believe. Freaking loser. Leave the preaching for your church meetings or your house meetings or your special God conventions. Do you really think this douchebag would stand-by and say nothing at all if, say, someone who is an atheist or a deist or a pantheist or Wiccan was standing on the street close to where he works or lives and decided to preach about the things they believe in?

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