Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ah, Religion. Pandemonium is Thy Name

Why the Fear? Why the Shame? Why the Hate?
Where is the Strength? Where is the Glory? Where is the Love?

     Ephesians 1:19 says, "I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God's power for us who believe in Him. This is the same mighty power."

     Hebrews 13:9 says, "So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Your strength comes from God's grace, not from rules about food which don't help those who follow them."

     I Peter 4:11 says, "Whoever speaks, is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen."

     I Peter 1:5 says, "And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see."

     Read the above verses and then watch this video. The guy in the video is a real piece of work; I'm talking full-on paranoia. But, listen to what he says about Homeland Security and all that fun stuff and then consider what he says about the government planning to confiscate weapons from Christians in particular. It does sound really screwy on the part of the government to even think about doing such a ridiculous thing, yes indeed. 

      I am not for gun control per se and I do not approve of how our government is approaching the issue, but I want you to consider WHY the government would feel or think it needed to take such a measure. There are a lot of Christians who will not like the answer, right? And what is that answer, what is that possible reason that the government would consider taking guns from religious groups?
      Simple: these groups are convinced in some grand battle called Armageddon where they will literally be fighting the forces of evil led by Satan who spawned the anti-Christ. Many people in these groups are absolutely convinced that we are in the last stages of the world and humanity will soon cease to exist as we know it. These groups also believe that they will be persecuted and punished far and above any other group and must do whatever possible in order to survive until Jesus comes back to save them. This includes having access to weapons.
     It does not stop there does it? Nope. Any legislation or freedom or right or whatever that is recognized and granted to ANY group or individual contrary to these whacked out religious groups is automatically labeled as another sign that imminent war is actualizing before our very eyes. And as groups who think and live and love differently continue in their lives and push for true equality the religious nuts of the nation prattle on and on how America is being taken away from Christians and how God's people need to reclaim America...and they are serious about this.

     I am not saying that the government response is the correct response, but I am saying it is a major reason why the government is doing what it is doing. Even THAT will not be recognized for what it really is by the uber-religious, and will instead be taken well out of context to mean that we are all the closer to all-out, fend-for-yourself-and-your-own-family war. 
     These people are fucked in the head. Do you want people who are fucked in the head having great access to a lot of weaponry? Of course not. But the pandemonium from some of the religiously deficient of the universe are not helping one goddamn thing with deluded and paranoid behavior peppered with crazy accusations and prognostications of what supposedly is really going on in the world. Religion totally screws  EVERYTHING up for EVERYONE involved...even those who want nothing to do with religion.

     Oh look, Bruce Jenner's evil twin offers screwy advice and bits of stupidity masquerading as knowledge.

     Get your popcorn. Here is more from the jittery guy in the first video. He does come across as jittery, doesn't he? Maybe too much coffee or something. Too much religion and paranoid thinking, hah!

     Never mind that this video is totally glorifying this grand end-of-all-time battle that many religions love to plug, but why would Christians need to fight anyways, right? Aren't Christians supposed to be imbued with the power of God? The few verses mentioned at the beginning of this blog say so and so do countless other verses in the Bible. So, tell me because I am curious...what happened to all the power that has been promised Christians by this ramshackle religion-wielding God? Humm? 

     Is it that the power of God wanes? Is He strong sometimes and not at other times? Oh wait, it is a test by God to you to measure your loyalty to Him, right? And since this God is supposed to be so powerful and to grant so much power to the Christians, why why WHY are so many religious folk out there so goddamn afraid of rock music, television, Hollywood, gays, lesbians, equality, literature contrary to religion...the list goes on FOREVER.

     Where is all this fear that many in religion have come from? There is no need for it if the one you serve really and truly grants you what He has apparently promised you in the Bible. Is it one of those deals where you have to wait until God is good and ready to grant you the power He has promised? Do you have to wait until Armageddon? Why are you so afraid of gays and lesbians having rights if your God is powerful and gives you the power you are supposed to have? If you truly have this power there is no reason WHATSOEVER that you should be afraid of anything. That is not by any means a permission slip to do as you please, but you are not supposed to be so goddamn afraid.

     Listen to what this guy says, " bring everything in creation into harmony with God," along with a whole bunch of other poppycock. Harmony with God, huh? Well if that is the case the harmony of your God is wicked, cruel, mean, premeditating in such horrible fashions, and He has no goddamn heart or sense considering all of the suffering He allows and the fighting that He purposely instigates.

     And the words spoken in this video, if you look at them from the standpoint of religion (any violent religion really) you will see how ludicrous they are. People made to fight? No. No no no. People were not made to fight. The stupidity of religion and the Holy Bible would like for you to think that people were made to fight (for God no less) but this is a terrible spiritual aberration and an even worse misinterpretation.

     This is an interesting sermon given by someone who apparently truly believes and thinks (if in great error) that it is the devil who goes about fucking things up for people. Sure, this guy says, that people do suffer as a consequence of their own stupidity and bad choices and mistakes, but not all of it is their fault, right? Some of it is just the DEVIL doing things ON PURPOSE to get people to turn away from God and to purposely and with great spiritual malice try to separate God's greatest creation (man) from the greatest power (God).

     The examples of devil-spawned oppression are classic textbook examples of people with depression, issues, emotional issues, psychological issues, and social interaction issues. It has absolutely DICK to do with any God or devil and everything to do human maladies whether they be real or imagined or physical or psychological.

   The example he gives is even more ridiculous. His grandfather and another female relative didn't speak to each other for forty years because they were fighting over some family Bible that each thought they should have for themselves. The guy giving the sermon tries to say that it was the Devil whispering to them, purposely getting them to fight over something so trivial.

     No. No no no. That is all fucking wrong. There was never any devil trying to get them to fight over some freaking Bible. There was no devil working furiously to use faith as a weapon, to turn siblings against each other, to take faith and turn it into fighting. No. These idiots did that shit to themselves and the fact it was over a flipping Bible is testament to the level of their stupidity.

     So, yoga and transcendental meditation and astrology are bad and evil and wicked? They changed your character? Lady, it is the INDIVIDUAL who makes the choices that shapes their character. As far as your warnings about soothsaying and astrology and such...well, you are all over the place on such subjects. Did you fail to recall the many times in the Bible that a judge or prophet practiced soothsaying? You say something about astrology being wicked. Really? Are you SURE about that? So, what do you call the birth of Christ being marked by a star in the sky?

     You talk about people being saved by faith and not signs. Well, if THAT isn't one of the biggest fuck-ups in the Bible I don't know what would be, for you see on the one hand the Bible says signs are worthless being as though people are saved by faith, you follow? Then, on the other hand the Bible turns around and says people will know it is the supposed End Times by the signs. Talk yourself out of that one. Really, talk yourself out of that one and give it your best shot because I really want to know.

     Prognostication and witchcraft and anything having to do with the occult is bad? Humm. I am confused here because there are plenty of examples in the Bible of those things in particular. The Judges of the Old Testament regularly prognosticated, practiced dream interpretation, used magic or some form of it, and cast curses and spells.

     We will sidestep the part in the Bible about the talking snake encouraging the first woman to do something she was not supposed to do, consequently dragging her husband down with her. Why don't we start with Cain after he killed his brother. Cain beseeches God to help Cain out. Why? Cain killed his brother and is worried that wherever he goes folks will give it their best effort to kill him or assault him in some manner. What does God do to help him out? He puts a 'mark' on Cain that will indicate to people to leave Cain alone.

     So what was this mark God put on Cain? It can really go either way on the argument. Assuming for the moment that we are pursuing this fairy tale as actual truth consider that the mark could have been literal, right? A scratch, burn, scar, outward manifestation of some kind of human physiological anomaly...etc. Or, much like God does throughout the entire Bible the mark could have been spiritual, something not seen by regular human eyes but with spiritual vision. THAT would constitute a spell, charm, hex, or something parallel in definition of the same.

     Then there is the story of Korah and how the earth opened up and swallowed him whole. How about Baa-lam's talking ass (of the donkey variety)? How about the kings in the Old Testament that regularly asked the prophets to show them a sign for any variety of reasons? The ten plagues of Egypt also come to mind. Don't forget Moses parting the Red Sea. Oh, and Moses' people begging him to speak to God on their behalf to provide the water they needed to stay alive striking a rock so it would produce the water his people desperately needed. Wait, didn't Joshua momentarily practice astrology as he commanded the sun and moon to remain fixed in the sky so that they would continue providing light for Josh and troops to decimate whatever enemy they were up against? 

     So which is it? Are these things wicked or not? If such things are wicked as declared by God then WHY do the leaders of God's people persistently practice such things? I know what it is. God makes exceptions for His people. Well, that and the fact that in the Bible these practices go by different names.

     Anyways, the lady in this video discusses all of these 'wicked' things and distractions that are of grave danger to believers. Again, this is a stupid idea since believers are supposed to be imbued with God's own power. According to the Bible God's power is immense, complete, and eternal. 

     If that is the case believers would not have to look out for any particular danger since the power of God would render complete protection. And don't even try to say that sometimes God punishes His people/children by revoking His power. This is another dead argument. The power of God is supposed to be all-encompassing and forgiving and filled with love.

     I suppose the bottom line here would be just another double standard that institutionalized religion loves to wave about.

     This lady's accent is priceless and reminds me of the way the characters in the movie Fargo spoke. 
     Somehow all of the grand love of God is withdrawn from those who curse. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Don't these people read their own goddamn Bible? It says love conquers all. I bet that includes cursing.

     Another doomsday Christian offers yet another hopeless and depressing prediction for the fate of mankind. This guy also believes that Christian rights are being violated. That's a crock. The problem is what many worshipers of the Bible's God hold to be true: only Christians are moral and therefore the only group that should be in control of just about everything, and the only group that deserves to dine on freedom and liberty and life in general.

     In general institutionalized religion as well as many Christians are quite accustomed to telling people what to do, what to think, what to study, what to accept, who to love...etc. They think such things are expressly their 'God given' right as children of God. The press for true equality is a labor of love and now that legislation is finally being drafted and enacted to actualize this ideal of equality and freedom, well, Christians are losing their death grip on one of the things they cherish the most: control of others.

     Christians are horribly confusing their loss of power to control all others as a loss of religious freedom. They couldn't be more wrong.

     What about shame and what about glory? Sure, there are verses in the Bible that say not to be ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God but that seems to have no effect whatsoever on those Christian individuals and groups who behave in downright cruel fashion. Then when you point this out to them they adamantly hold that they do God's work and if the people they 'minister' to feel threatened or allege shameful behavior...well, they simply do not understand the mind of God since being an unbeliever automatically interprets to the shame of sin for not believing. Right.

     The supposed glory to be found in God and His Mad-Lib religions is AWOL. Unless you consider berating people with Bible-based beliefs, fighting wars based on religion, and revoking rights based on what your religion says as to who is deserving of such right and then interpret those things as glory. Pretty screwy and unethical, but that is God, right? He at least gets points for being consistent with this type of behavior.

     So, if you believe in God and the Bible and the salvation of Jesus then you have the authority to do what you have to do in order to 'witness' or 'experience' or 'fellowship' with non-believers in an effort to convert them. Do not be ashamed for mistreating gays and lesbians and religions different than yours or cultural practices different than yours since you were called by God.

     You know, the assholes who strap bombs to their bodies and fly planes have the very same ideology: they have the power and authority and even the requirement  to do every thing possible to advance their own version of God and His plan for mankind. And out of His gracious appreciation for the deluded followers doing whatever God said to do He will be sure to clothe them with glory when they are dead. Fucking stupid.

     This is precisely the issue of separating church and state. It is crucial to keep religion out of politics, even the religions that participate under the guise of morality. Christianity is nowhere near morality and neither is Islam for that matter, but that is okay since God and Jesus and Allah want you to do everything possible to convert the masses and cast those who will not buy into your bullshit out, conveniently labeling them as heretical, subversive, divisive, immoral, and damned.

     Here is an interesting video that discusses the possibility that practicing Christianity in the military results in reaping a court martial. The way this guy puts it you would think the government hates Christians. This is a lie. The government does NOT want their troops divided in their loyalty. Why? The government and military leaders MUST have the absolute respect and loyalty of the troops. If the attention of the troops is divided and if the troops are more likely to follow what they THINK God wants from them or telling them to do in a time of war the solidarity of the troops is compromised.

     The government is NOT saying you cannot be Christian in the military. What it is saying is you cannot recruit your fellow troops. I bet the paranoid, not-willing-to-admit-their-deficiencies Christians would be thinking in a completely different matter if the law/regulation being considered referred to Islam or Wicca or atheism, right? Think about it. Say you have this very same scenario except the govt is saying it is considering making the sharing of atheism with fellow soldiers punishable by a court martial. Christians would be ALL over that shit trying to get it passed. An atheist has the capacity to express loyalty to anyone they deem worthy of such loyalty. Many other religions would allow such as well, so long as the religions are NOT Bible-based. With Bible-based faiths there is ONE loyalty and it sure as hell ISN'T the government or military officials.

     This video expounds on the above video and commentary. I find it somewhat surprising that the Christians who say they are threatened by this seems to NOT understand where the government is coming from. Christianity believes that everything will end, that Jesus is coming back soon, that all practices and beliefs outside of the Bible are evil and against God, that some people should NOT have personal freedoms and rights and liberties, that the United States has long been headed to hell in a hand basket, that there is no hope war will ever stop, and that individuals such as gays and lesbians and non-believers and atheists and all who believe in any OTHER religion are the enemy. The Bible very clearly says that in both the Old and New Testaments. The government does not want to limit what people may chose to believe in. The government wants to limit the spread of any kind of philosophy or ideal that preaches the destruction of this nation.

     Fundamentalist evangelicals should not even try to deny this as they are the same assholes who think that America was founded for Christians and that Christians need to take America back. Morons.

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