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Hand-Me-Down Divinity

Only the Names and Places have Been Changed to Protect the Ignorant

          How long has the gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ be around? Approximately two thousand years. What about the biblical account of Creation when God created everything from nothing? The Creation story from the Bible has been around even longer with the 6th century BCE generally described as the time the book of Genesis came to be. What about the stories of powers and actions described in the Bible?

     You would think that something that has been hanging around for such a time would be founded in a good amount of truth because, let's face it...more than two thousand years since Genesis was introduced and the story of Jesus following not all that long after, that is a long damn time. Surely it must be true that Jesus resurrected from the dead, could heal the sick, restore vision to the blind, make the lame walk, turn water into wine, command demons to leave those they afflicted, and a host of other so-amazing-it-must-be-the-actions-of-the-divine pastimes. Surely God created the universe and everything in it from nothing just like Genesis says He did. Surely the stories in the Bible are in fact the solitary truth.

     A big question to be of the many of so-called elephants in the room that many within Bible-based faiths would rather ignore is whether or not Jesus is the ONLY divine being or person to do the things He did? Not only that, but accompanying that question is whether or not the Bible story of Creation existed before all the other stories of the same. Were there other divine beings before the emergence of Jesus who did many of the very same amazing miracles that did? Were there other deities within the history of man that were credited with creating everything from nothing? Let us take a look at a few examples of each:

Life, Death, and Rebirth

     The god Persephone was a deity that died every year and returned every year. With each new birth or emergence from death and into life she brought the cycle of seasons and farming and allowed the ground to bring for new life in the plants harvested by man for sustenance. Basically, every year Persephone emerged from death to bring life, and such was her power. The connection to Jesus is quite simple for just like Persephone overcame death in order to bring life, so did Jesus. Here are some video links for Persephone and other gods in regards to rebirth:

 Creation Stories
     The first book of the Bible in the first chapter presents one of the main foundations of Christianity and other Bible-based faiths. I find it amusing that ardent supporters of the biblical version of how everything came into existence denounce the scientific approach of evolution as nonsense and a fraudulent theory that was specifically introduced to mankind (by Satan no less) to steer man away from God, to get man to avoid the truth that the God of the Bible created the universe and everything in it. Though opponents of evolution loudly tout the gradual change from the simple to the intelligent does not explain the complexity and variations of all things living, creationists fail to see that their story that some great divine being poofed everything into existence makes no goddamn sense whatsoever.

     Here I have provided links for the many variations of the Creation myth as well as links where the evils of evolution are thrown into the mix:

Look what My God can Do

     One of the issues played upon by believers in their effort to convert their fellow man to God and to Jesus is the recitation of the many miracles noted in the Bible. The miracles are intended to be so amazing and so awe inspiring that the individual hearing these things will be compelled submit to the God of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     For many believers who peruse the many miracles of the Bible the miracles therein are beautiful and wonderful and nice, intended to make a person fall to their knees in appreciation and divine subjugation. I mean, if God and Jesus have the power to provide miracles in an effort to show man love and just how very much God cares, imagine what God and Jesus could do with that power if they were pissed or angry or if people refused to listen to whatever crackerjack commandments and instructions were being given.

     The miracles offered are often bizarre but this is where believers point and say, "Of course it is bizarre and mere humans. God made this impossible thing/act possible so that He could show man His mighty power and ultimate authority. The Bible says these things happened and the only way such things could happen is if God did them." Don't you just love circular reasoning?

     So, the question we ask ourselves here is whether or not any of the ancient gods participated in acts considered to be miracles that were the same or similar to those miracles recounted in the Bible. From restoring vision for the blind to raising folks from the dead he following links will take you through some of the miracles that Jesus and God supposedly performed and that were also performed by other deities of other religions:

Satan Bounced Out of Heaven

     According to Isaiah 14:12-15 Satan was cast down to earth where, again according to the Bible, Satan proceeded to seriously fuck things up. Revelation 12:9 also relates the story of Satan being cast out of heaven. So, is this story unique to the Bible? Nope.

     When the Olympian gods overthrew the ruling Titans, Zeus cast out those who were against him and banished them to Tartarus as punishment for their great sin:

     In Japanese mythology the god Susanoo was banished from heaven as punishment for his misdeeds.

     In Sumerian mythology the god Enlil was banished to the underworld for committing a crime:


     The following links provide info for pagan deities sharing the same miracle attributes with Jesus such as walking on water and  feeding a horde of people with very little food:

     I find it interesting that the basics of religion and worshiping never really change. Only the names of the deities change along with the occasional swap of power and authority. There is nothing unique and original about the Bible or God or Jesus for that matter. Humanity has heard their particular stories before. Unfortunately there are many religious folks who cannot even admit that the stories of the Bible, the miracles of the Bible, and the use of power by God and Jesus in the Bible are nothing more than borrowed and hand-me-down spiritual poppycock.

For a copy of the Biblical Myth Table of Elements go to:

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