Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perils of the Faith Forced Upon Gays and Lesbians

When Amendments to the Bible Supersede Amendments to the Constitution

     Many proponents of the idea that the United States of America was founded on Christianity would have you believe that the push for LGBT civil rights is the sign of all signs as to the end of this country's morality, the end of this country's status in world leadership, and a major clue as to the end of the world; yes, I realize I just over-simplified a rather large issue but you get the point.
     I think it is interesting to listen to uber-conservatives and religious alike try to explain how this country's values were not only created on, but in fact were loaded with points and doctrines taken from the Bible and applied directly to our civil and criminal laws. While such an idea is far fetched and insanely stupid what is even worse is when these same people try to use the Bible to re-interpret and even 'discover' what the Founding Fathers REALLY meant when drafting the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
     This ridiculous trait is quite easily proven any time the LGBT community emerges victorious from a fight for civil rights and the religiously inept leap to the nearest pulpit to announce that the rights of the moral are being stunted while the rights of the immoral are being worshiped. 
     The particular argument that is most often referred to by thumpers and zealots alike is that the Founding Fathers intended the original rights and constitution to apply to a nation of people who love and respect and follow God, what God wants, and what the Bible says. These same people hold that this is why gay and lesbian marriage should be outlawed in entirety; the Bible and God say being gay or lesbian is wrong and immoral. 
     Since God invented marriage (that's a laugh!) to be between a man and a woman, and since being married is part of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and since gays and lesbians are immoral the LGBT community should not be afforded and extended the same civil rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To do so would be to unravel the moral fiber this nation was founded on.
     Here in this video we have a gentleman speaking on both politics and faith. Bad idea. Faith does not belong in politics and if you need proof of what can happen when those two things are mixed take a good long look at history. This man thinks there must be a call to fasting and prayers of repentance. Wow. Really, what can you say to those who insist on mixing politics with religion? They are so enamored of their faith's myth and its supposed perfection that they forget they are in fact human. Not to mention that this faith and its Holy Bible are founded on a religion invented by humans who throughout history have made claims of receiving heavenly transmissions from God.
     Fortunately, there is a solution to strife. Of course there is. Love. If people showed themselves and each other more love more often there would be vast improvements within humanity across the board. And it would not matter who would love who or how. Love is what it is. Love really does conquer all but the small print is that the parties involved must allow it to do so. Of all the groups and philosophies in our world today that are the most stubborn and resistant to allowing love to do what it needs to do religion and its faithful drones take the cake; what other groups preach so much healing with immeasurable love and then follow with a good sermon or two on the limits of that all-powerful love?
     Unfortunately, institutionalized religion and its many sheep consistently confuse the characteristics of religion with the characteristics of love. In reality they have nothing in common. They have the idea that love conquers all correct but completely fail when it comes to applications of love. They even get what love consists of incorrect.
     The absurd fear that many 'people of faith' have when it comes to gay marriage is a phenomenon of the worst kind. Not only would many of the Christians in the US and the world have you believe that everything is headed down to hell in a hand basket (with the US at the front of the line no less) but they would also have you believe that a huge source for this nation's over-all problems stem directly from the LGBT community.
     How many times in the history of man have we seen the problems of one group blamed on another group? How many times have we seen the group that is being blamed subjected to extreme cruelty, desolation, prejudice, and genocide all because the group that is doing the blaming is completely convinced that once they rid themselves of the appointed scapegoat everything will get much better? Whatever man. What fucking ever.

     This is a funny spoof and reminds me of a discussion I had with an individual who tried their damnedest to convince me that the problem was not that I don't have rights since I am lesbian, but the true issue was that I simply have no idea or understanding what God wants from me and what He meant by life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Constitution. For some reason this person included God as one of the actual Founding Fathers. Apparently His signature in agreement and endorsement of our founding documents is just as invisible as He is. Maybe some of the Christians out there in the world who are of the paranoid, fundamentalist, God-meant-this-country-to-be-for-straights type of people will watch this and come to at least a working understanding of how stupid and prejudiced they sound.

     I watched this one all the way to the end. It is really good and insightful.

     This is a video of the typical scared little puddy-tat that tries to equate morality with what is in the Bible. This guy even says that atheists are not qualified to ask questions in relation to the existence/non-existence of God. He more or less goes further to say that since atheists do not believe in God they do not have the prerequisites to interpret morality. This is precisely how those individuals and groups and organizations against LGBT rights argue that gays and lesbians have no rights or stunted rights.
     It is unfortunate that this man truly thinks that morality has anything to do with the Christian God. He uses circular reason and misinterpretation of atheist comments to try to prove his point. It it even more unfortunate that this man obviously has no clue as to the damage religion has done within humanity since its inception.

     People are so goddamn stupid sometimes. This guy asserts that supporters of gay marriage are delusional and HE can prove it. By watching this guys video you will come to know that you are delusional, well, provided that you are not already in denial about your delusions. Hah! Good stuff. Gooooood stuff.
     Where does this guy get the impression that gays are viewed as a race? Sexual preferences NOT compared by those who support gay marriage? Listen to this entire speech the guy gives and you will see he struggles with equating being gay or lesbian with a crime. Being gay or lesbian is not a crime similar  or even remotely connected to bestiality or child sex crimes and things of such a nature. Those things are deviant behavior and are crimes as well. Being gay or lesbian is not deviant, nor are they crimes..
     Be careful watching this particular video as people have come away from watching it feeling markedly dumber. It wears off, thankfully.

     This is priceless. This guy is hilarious. No one ever said that all atheists made sense, least of all this hooligan. Put this guy on a poster and add the caption "Don't Let Lack of Education Happen to You."


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